Old Ordnance Survey Maps of the London Borough of Bexley

  • These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. Each map includes an introduction.
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  • Here are the details of maps for Crayford:

  • Kent Sheet 9.01 Crayford 1907 - published 2001; intro by Stuart Bligh. ISBN.978-1-85054-658-3

    Crayford has an ancient history, the Battle of Creganford having been fought here between the Britons and the Jutes in 457 AD. This detailed map covers most of the town, and shows it to have a strong industrial base, but with several large houses in ample grounds scattered around the outskirts. The Dartford Loop railway line crosses the SE corner of the map, including Crayford station. The Dover Road or Watling Street crosses the map east-west, running through the town and with a tramway. Industrial features include a tannery, two silk and calico printing works, the West Kent Gas Works, the Swaislands Block Printing Works, and most noticeably the Crayford Works, where Vickers produced armaments, aeroplanes and cars; a motor track is shown for testing the Wolseley Siddeley cars. Vickers later built an estate for their workers at Barnes Cray, which was still a hamlet in 1907. Other features include Whitehill, St Paulinius church, Manor House, Iron Mill Lane, Bigs Hill Wood, Hall Place Mill (a printing works), Halcot, Martens Grove, Oakwood, May Place, River Cray. On the reverse we include a Crayford Directory, which includes street entries for High Street, London Road, Maxim Road, Old Road, Station Road.

    The map links up with Kent Sheets 3.13 Barnehurst to the north, 8.04 Bexley Heath to the west.

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