Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Moray

  • We have published just one map in Moray. It includes an introduction.
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  • Moray was called Elginshire from 1890 to 1930.
  • See This Page for more information on the area's local government history.

  • We have published just the one map in Moray or Elginshire. Here are the details.

  • Sheet 7.16 Elgin 1904 - published 1990, introduction by Mike Seton

    King David built a castle at Elgin in 1150 and in 1224 it became the site for a cathedral. It developed into a seat of learning and the principal town in Moray; Defoe called it "a very agreeable place to live in". By 1911 the population had risen to 8,250, its growth helped by the railway - the railway station is prominent on this map. The ruins of the castle are just on the left side of the map and we include part of the map to the north, to give coverage of the old cathedral and Bishopmill.

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