Old Ordnance Survey Maps for Carmarthenshire

  • These are our maps for Carmarthenshire:

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    The following maps are taken from the OS 25" maps and reduced to a scale of approximately 15 inches to the mile. They are extremely detailed, showing individual houses, details such as railway tracks, pathways, pubs, factories and even minutiae such as fountains and signal posts. Obviously they cover quite a small area, normally a mile by a mile and a half each. Each map includes an introduction. For further details click on the links below:

    These are the detailed maps we publish for Carmarthenshire:

  • 18.13 Llandovery 1904 - published 2004; introduction by Alan Leather.

    We also cover the whole of Carmarthenshire in our Inch to the Mile series. These are the principal sheets for the county:

  • 195 Lampeter, Tregaron & District 1909- published 2002; intro by Alan Leather. Includes a map of Tregaron.
  • 211 NW Carmarthenshire 1912 - published 2006; intro by Derrick Pratt. Includes a map of Llanpumsaint.
  • 212 Llangadog & East Carmarthenshire 1909 - published 2005; intro by Alan Leather. Includes a map of Llangadog.
  • 229 Carmarthen & District 1909 - published 2006; intro by Derrick Pratt. Includes a map of Carmarthen.
  • 230 Ammanford & District 1908 - published 2006; intro by Derrick Pratt

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  • Most maps in the Godfrey Edition are taken from the 25 inch to the mile map and reduced to about 15 inches to the mile. For a full list of Welsh maps, return to the Wales page

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