Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Knowsley, St Helens, Warrington, Runcorn and Widnes

This page gives details of maps in the Knowsley, St Helens, Warrington, Widnes and Halton areas. Some cross the border into Cheshire. There is a great deal here for students of industrial archaeology, especially with the St Helens and Widnes maps. Each map includes an introduction to the history of the area.

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The following are for the Knowsley area, including St Helens:

  • Lancs 099.08 Kirkby 1907 published 2001; introduction by Kay Parrott
  • Lancs 101.13 St Helens NE 1892 - published 2002; intro by Mary Presland
  • Lancs 107.04 St Helens SW 1906 published 1998; intro by Mary Presland
  • Lancs 108.01 St Helens SE 1906 - published 2002; intro by Mary Presland
  • Lancs 107.07 Prescot 1925 published 2004; intro by Roger Hull
  • Lancs 107.11 Whiston 1925 published 2007; intro by Kay Parrott

    The following two maps cover the Widnes-Runcorn area. With its maze of chemical works, the Widnes map is one of the most industrial we have published. The adjacent map covers Runcorn, on the Cheshire side of the river, and linked by the celebrated transporter bridge.

  • Lancs 115.09 Widnes 1905 - published 2020 intro by Mike Greatbatch
  • Lancs 115.09 Widnes 1905 - published 1995, 2nd Edition 2002; intro by Mike Greatbatch
  • Lancs 115.13 Runcorn 1905 - published 1989; intro by Mike Greatbatch

    Warrington itself is covered by two maps, while the Thelwall map, a recent addition, shows an area just outside the town. The Warrington West map is notable for the industries around Bank Quay, most notably the Lever works. The Warrington map has the busy town centre, features including the long closed Arpley station, St Elphins church, the complex tram network, and much of Latchford.

  • Lancs 115.04 Warrington West 1905 - published 1995, 2nd Ed 2000; intro by Alan Godfrey
  • Lancs 116.01 Warrington 1905 - published 2000; intro by Alan Godfrey
  • Cheshire 27.05 Thelwall 1908 - published 2003; intro by Chris Makepeace

    Parts of the county are also covered in our series of One Inch Maps. Follow this link for further details and index maps. Of special relevance to this area are:

  • 97The Lower Mersey, Runcorn & Warrington 1913 - published 2005; intro by Alan Crosby. Includes a large scale map of Preston Brook

    Most maps in the Godfrey Edition are taken from the 25 inch to the mile map and reduced to about 15 inches to the mile. They cost just £ 2.25 each. For a full list of Cheshire and Lancashire maps, return to the North West page. You can now order maps direct from our On-line Mapshop.

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