• This is one in a series of maps of the Ruhrgebiet. It is taken from the British War Office 1:12,500 plans and reduced to approx 1:19,000. Published in 1945, prior to the Allied occupation of the area, the maps are especially good at showing industry, collieries and transport. They can be purchased through our On-line Mapshop.

  • Here are the details of our maps of the Gelsenkirchen area:

    This map covers the area from Gelsenkirchen eastward to Herne, and from Hochlarmark southward to Dahlhauser. Wanne-Eickel is in the centre of the map with its great marshalling yard. Other areas shown include Rohlinghausen, Crange, Riemke, Holsterhausen, Bismarck, Buer-Erle, Unser Fritz, Friedgras, Uckendorf, Eickelerfeld, Dorneburg etc. At least a dozen collieries are shown, incl Hannover mine, Pluto mine, Hibernia mine, Shamrock mine, Friedrich d Grosse mine, Consolidation Mine, Graf Bismarck mine. Other features include Rhein-Herne Canal, railways with marshalling yards, tramways (though close inspection required!), Schloss Strunkede, etc.

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