Old Ordnance Survey Maps of East Sussex

  • These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. Each map includes an introduction.
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  • Here are the details of the maps for Newhaven:

  • Sussex Sheet 78.03 Newhaven (North) 1937 - published 2005; intro by Tony Painter. ISBN.978-1-84151-826-8
  • Sussex Sheet 78.07 Newhaven (South) 1938 - published 2005; intro by Tony Painter. ISBN.978-1-84151-825-1

    We have published two detailed maps of Newhaven, a town which "grew up around the small fishing village of Meeching and whose development as a port dates from the 16th century", as author Tony Painter begins his introduction. The two maps link up with each other and, together with comprehensive notes on the history of the place and extensive extracts from an early directory go to provide a splendid portrait of a major port.

    The Newhaven North map covers the town centre, around High Street, Bridge Street, Chapel Street; coverage extends north to Denton, with St Leonard's church near the top of the map, westward towards the town's isolation hospital, and eastward to Seaford Road. Features include the town station, St Michael's church, the River Ouse, North Quay, swing bridge with track leading across it towards the West bank industries; engine shed and sidings; Poor Law Institution (or workhouse). Tony Painter tells us about the underground tunnels created under Heighton Hill as part of a secret communications centre in 1941. On the reverse we also include information on the town from an early directory.

    The Newhaven South map continues coverage south, and includes much of the harbour, Newhaven Port, and the breakwater, complete with Lighthouse. To the east is Tide Mills, at the edge of the map, with the Heritage Marine Hospital, while to the west are Meeching Quarry, Meeching Court Farm, and Burrow Head, Features include Harbour Hotel station, Newhaven Harbour station, West Pier, East Pier, London & Paris Hotel. The harbour is shown in good detail, with railway tracks, landing stages, mooring posts. On the reverse we include a commercial directory and list of private residents from an early directory.

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