London Subscription

The Godfrey Edition includes a steady programme of new maps for the Greater London area.

  • The London series is a major feature of The Godfrey Edition, but we are always planning and preparing new titles. Subscriptions to the forthcoming titles give an excellent discount, and also support us in our mission to strengthen our coverage as much as possible. Each map includes a specially written introduction. Maps are sent to subscribers, postage free, as soon as they are published. A London Subscription costs just £ 25 for the next 10 maps in Greater london.
  • Subscriptions can be ordered through our On-line Mapshop.
  • Subscriptions commence with the next map to be published in the area. Although no firm timetable can be given, we intend to publish at least ten maps in Greater London each year. The London subscription includes maps anywhere in Greater London, including some Middlesex, Essex, Kent and Surrey sheets where appropriate for London boroughs. Maps currently in preparation include new titles for north London in the 1930s.
  • A London Subscription costs just £ 25 for the next 10 maps. Note that subscriptions are essentially for new maps, not those already available. For those already published, visit the relevant web page at the London page.
  • You can place subscriptions direct on our On-line Mapshop. Or contact our office for details.
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    The Godfrey Edition / / 13 July 2020