Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to a few of the questions we are frequently asked.

When are you going to publish a map of X ?

We aim to publish 4 new titles each fortnight. Considerable research goes into each map, not just in locating an original to work from but in preparing and editing the historical notes that accompany it. As the publication programme depends partly on our authors, it is difficult to give dates for forthcoming maps and we will seldom be able to advise you on this. However, we do aim to have some coverage of every major town and urban area in the UK eventually. Rest assured we are working hard to extend the series as rapidly as possible.

Have you published a map of Y ?

Our website gives our complete catalogue and I update this at least twice a month. New titles are normally added as soon as they are published. If a map is not listed in the catalogue, then I am afraid we have not yet published it.

I would be very interested in a map of my village.

We seldom publish large scale maps of villages - they simply would not be viable.However, many of our Inch to the Mile maps also include a plan of a selected village on the reverse.

Does map Z include a particular street (or church, or house)

We try to help where we can but please appreciate we are a small team working hard to issue a lot of maps, at a reasonable cost, and can seldom spare the time to do research on particular maps for you. It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes to find a particular street! We try to give good information about the titles on our website.

Do you still deal in secondhand maps ?

Until the mid 1980s I did deal in secondhand Ordnance Survey maps but no longer do so.

How can I order the maps from you ?

You can order direct via our webshop: On-line Mapshop. A link to this is given on most pages of our website. Orders there can be placed securely either by credit or debit card or through Paypal. You can also order by post (to the address below) enclosing a cheque, postal order, or credit card details. Or you can phone us and pay by card. We accept most cards, but not American Express.

And what about a secure server ?

Order placed on-line are processed through Sellerdeck, with a secure processing system authorised by our bank. Regarding telephone orders, we are a small company, with a total staff of just 3, so any credit card details will be kept quite confidential and are shredded after processing. Moreover, we do not disclose names, addresses etc to any other organisation, so you should never receive unwanted correspondence because you placed an order with us.

Can you email the map to me ?

No. The maps are printed on good quality paper, folded, and have historical notes on the reverse. They can only be sent by post.

Can you supply the maps flat ?

We can supply flat versions of most of our coloured maps. Please phone us for details. However we cannot supply flat maps of the uncoloured maps.

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