Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Essex

  • These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. Each map includes an introduction.
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  • Here are the details of maps for Tilbury:

  • Essex Sheet 95.11 Tilbury Docks 1916 - published 2023; intro by Tony Kirby. ISBN 978-1-78721-615-0
  • Essex Sheet 95.12 Tilbury Riverside 1916 - published 2023; intro by Tony Kirby. ISBN 978-1-78721-616-7

    The following map is on different sheetlines:

  • Essex Sheet 89.01 Tilbury Riverside & Gravesend Reach 1897 - published 1998; intro by Alan Godfrey. ISBN 978-1-84151-015-6

    Sheets 95.11 and 95.12 link up with each other, providing excellent coverage of this Essex riverside town, its docks, Riverside station and part of the fledgling town. Tony Kirby provides a thorough history of the area for each map, with discussion of how they developed. These are from the OS 'New Series' but sheet 89.01 is from an earlier Essex series and on different sheetlines.

    Sheet 95.11 is largely concerned with Tilbury Docks, shown in detail with railways, jetties and even mooring posts.A plan of the docks in the 1920s is included on the reverse. A fragment of the Northfleet riverside is also shown.

    Sheet 95.12 has Tilbury Riverside station and jetty, with the railways lines and engine shed. Other features include Tilbury Hotel, the beginnings of Tilbury town, World's End Wharf etc. Tilbury Fort is shown in outline only for security reasons. On the reverse include a 1920s plan of the Passenger Landing Stage that was then being built.

    Sheet 89.01, from an earlier series, shows the Riverside station, Tilbury Hotel and Tilbury Fort area. This is on different sheetlines so does not include the town but gives a fuller idea of the river. On the Kent side we have West Street, the LCDR pier, Clifton Baths, Town Pier and Royal Terrace Pier. Though the map does have a lot of water, mud and marshland it is a fascinating portrait of this Thames gateway, a reminder of Tilbury's days as a major passenger embarkation point, if only for a daytrip to Gravesend.

    Here is an index grid for Thurrock and East London. It shows how the maps link up withe maps for Grays.

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