Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Norfolk

  • These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. Each map includes an introduction.
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  • Here are the details of maps for Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston:

  • Norfolk Sheet 78.03 Great Yarmouth 1904 - published 1999; introduction by Robert Malster. ISBN 1-84151-054-8
  • Norfolk Sheet 78.07 Yarmouth (South) & Gorleston (North) 1904 - published 2000; intro by Robert Malster. ISBN 1-84151-231-1
  • Norfolk Sheet 78.11 Gorleston 1904 - published 2001; introduction by Robert Malster. ISBN 1-84151-276-1

    We have published a set of three detailed maps for Yarmouth and Gorleston. They link up with each other to provide good coverage. We hope to publish a map for the north of Yarmouth in due course. All three maps include areas of Suffolk, the relevant Suffolk Sheet numbers being 2.03, 2.07 and 2.11.

    The Great Yarmouth map covers the very busy centre of Yarmouth, with coverage stretching from St Nicholas Road and Priory Plain southward to the Royal Naval Hospital, and from the coast inland to the Midland & Gt Northern railway (but note that the main station is north of this map). Features include the River Yare, East Suffolk line with station, Southtown, Cobholm Island, Market Place, King Street, St Georges Park, Britannia Pier, The Jetty, Wellington Pier, Winter Gardens, tramways, Town Hall, South Quay, railway lines along quay. A major feature is the extraordinary range of narrow yards, streets and rows on what was the medieval centre; many of these disappeared during bombing in the 2nd World War. On the reverse directory extracts lists the private residents A-H.

    The Yarmouth (South) map continues coverage southward to Gorleston Priory. Features here include the Royal Artillery Barracks, Nelson's Monument, South Beach, Fish Wharf, Southtown Common, Gorleston North station, Malthouse Quay, Otter's Farm, northern part of Gorleston High Street. Coverage extends west into countryside and Bradwell House and Gapton Hall. Yarmouth directory entries H-Z are included.

    The Gorleston map completes the trio and shows the centre of Gorleston, with coverage continuing south to Gorleston-on-Sea station. Features include St Andrew's church, South Pier, lighthouses at harbour entrance, Cliff Hotel, Brush Quay, West Quay, Ballast Quay, High St, Pier Plain, Lowestoft Road, cemetery, Shrubland Farm, isolation hospital. A directory of Gorleston is included.

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