Southampton & Eastleigh Subscription

Ten new maps for Southampton and Eastleigh to be published in 2020-21

  • During 2021 we plan to issue ten new maps for Southampton and Eastleigh. The first title is expected to be published in December 2020 and we hope to issue the ten within the next twelve months.
  • Subscriptions give an excellent discount, and also support us in our mission to cover as many towns and villages as possible. Each map includes a specially written introduction. Maps are normally sent to subscribers, postage free, a few days before publication. A subscription costs just £ 25 for the ten new maps, a substantial saving on the normal price. A special offer of £ 22 is available until 15th October.
  • Note that this subscription is essentially for the new maps, not those already available. Although details of the group are yet to be finalised, it is expected that most will be of Southampton itself but two or three will be of the neighbouring borough of Eastleigh. Most (possibly all) will be for the early 1930s (typically 1931). The first title is expected to be of Millbrook & Redbridge. For those maps already published, visit the relevant Hampshire page. Subscriptions can be ordered through our On-line Mapshop or contact our office.

    The first map in this subscription is due for publication in December 2020. Although no firm timetable can be given, we intend to publish the ten maps within 12 months from then. This special offer is available until the end of November 2020, and is for UK customers only. We hope you will join us in subscribing to our new Southampton and Eastleigh maps and supporting this continuing project. Quite simply, the more maps we sell, and the more subscribers we have, the more we can publish!

  • A Southampton & Eastleigh Subscription costs just £ 25 for the next 10 maps. As a special offer, a reduced price of £ 22 is available on subscriptions placed before October 15th.
  • You can place subscriptions direct on our On-line Mapshop. Or contact our office for details.
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    The Godfrey Edition / / 11 September 2020