Old Ordnance Survey Town Plans of London

  • These highly detailed maps, at a scale of 1:1760 or a Yard to the Mile, cover parts of central London in exceptional detail. They are available through our On-line Mapshop

  • Here are the details of the map for The Tower area:

  • London Large Scale Series Sheet 7.77 The Tower & St Katharine Docks 1873 - published 1986. Intro by Alan Godfrey. ISBN.978-0-85054-088-8

    This highly detailed map at a 'Yard to the Mile' scale is centred on St Katharine Docks, opened in 1828 and portrayed here in some detail; cranes, winches, bridges, warehouses and even mooring posts are shown. To the west is The Tower, most of it included on the map, and again in great detail, with the Waterloo Barracks, Officers' Quarters and other areas neatly delineated. The third major feature on the map is the Royal Mint, where we are shown the Sizing Room, Bronze Store, Gold Melting House, Copper Store etc. Other features on the map include Upper East Smithfield, Trinity Square, Royal Mint Street, GER Goods Depot, Red Lion Brewery, Hermitage Basin, the western part of Western Dock, Wellclose Square, Jews Almshouses, Sailors Home. On the reverse we include street directory entries for Royal Mint St, Well St, Wellclose Square and Upper East Smithfield

    The map links up with sheets 7.67 Aldgate to the north, 7.76 Monument to the west. 7.86 London Bridge Stn to the south.

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