Old Ordnance Survey Town Plans of London

  • These highly detailed maps, at a scale of 1:1760 or a Yard to the Mile, cover parts of central London in exceptional detail. They are available through our On-line Mapshop

  • Here are the details of the map for the Camden New Town area:

  • London Large Scale Series Sheet 7.13 Camden New Town & Belle Isle 1871 - published 2004. Intro by Alan A Jackson. ISBN.978-1-84151-627-1

    This highly detailed map at a 'Yard to the Mile' scale covers the area around Paul's Road and Brecknock Road. Cantelows Road, Camden Square and St Augustine Road are also shown. This Camden New Town area is shown in detail, with even some garden layouts included; also St Thomas church. Much of the map is dominated by the railways of Belle Isle, shown in great detail with track layouts, signal posts, stables, and the lines fanning out from the tunnel. Part of the Great Northern Cemetery station is shown. Also Strouds Vale (bottom right corner) and Blundell Street (top right). Soap Works and cattle lairs are included at Belle Isle. On the reverse we include the 1894 map for the same area, at a slightly reduced scale, this now including the Midland Railway approaches, and Maiden Lane station.

    The map links up with Sheet 7.12 Camden Lock to the west, Old St Pancras to the south.

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